Holiday Travel Goodie Bag

Holiday Travel Goodie Bag

Make Holiday Travel Less Stressful

It should come as no surprise that November and December are the busiest for travel.  In 2016, 143 million people traveled by plane or car nationwide for the November and December holidays.

Holiday travel gift bag outgift

Outgift has compiled a collection of travel essentials that will make any holiday vacation go a little smoother. Send this holiday travel goodie bag to friends and family traveling your way and they'll arrive fresh and happy.  


1. Tech kit

Hate forgetting your phone charger somewhere? We know the feeling.  The Pinch Provision's Tech Kit ($26) comes in an appealing cognac vegan leather and is small enough to fit in your hand, making it optimal for fitting in a jam-packed bag.  But don't let it's small size fool you - it comes with all your tech necessities including earbuds, an earbud wrapper, phone camera lens, flash drive, screen cloth, cord organizer, USB wall charger, phone / tablet stand, and a 3-in-1 charging cable. 


2. Les Fleurs de Bach Travels Jetlag elixir

For travelers coming from afar, jetlag can be miserable. The Les Fleurs de Bach Jetlag Elixir ($37) from Ayla helps to prevent jetlag and bring calm in the midst of chaos. The ingestible elixir was developed by a company in Paris devoted to achieving the most universally effective Bach flower essences (Read about their methods). The elixir boasts a blend of hornbeam, honeysuckle, scleranthus, walnut, olive, elm, and aspen essences mixed with organic brandy and comes in a sleek glass bottle.



3. I Was Here, Travel Journal

Give them a place to capture their experiences and jot down their thoughts with this I Was Here, travel journal ($16.95) from Chronicle Books.  It encourages travelers to examine the unnoticed, yet beautiful details of everyday life, whether close to home or in a foreign country. I Was Here was colorfully illustrated by San Francisco-based, world-renowned artist Kate Pocrass and is packed with prompts to document everything from itineraries to tips from locals to recording contact information of new friends.



4. Eclipse water bottle

Or should we say, "anti-bottle"?  The Eclipse Water Bottle ($12+) by Vapur is a flexible, reusable water bottle that rolls, fold, and lies flat when empty. It can easily hidden away in pockets or packs and has an integrated loop making it that much more portable. It is the ideal water bottle for traveling as well as hiking, work or just shopping around town. Empty, it is 87% lighter that typical bottles, made of three durable layers and comes in different colorsAnother added bonus: the Eclipse is designed to freeze so definitely something to consider for guests traveling in long car rides. 

5. The Quiet Book

Know someone traveling with a toddler? This My Big Day quiet book will keep them busy. It's equipped with detachable parts, zippers, buttons and even a dress up doll that will buy a few hours of quiet for a long trip.