Love Yourself and Document It

Love Yourself and Document It

5 People to Gift a Boudoir Photoshoot

A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.
— Joyce Brothers

Boudoir photography, or what photographers call "implied nudes", was inspired by classic 1940's pinup photos and today is traditionally given by a bride to her groom as a wedding gift.  The photo sessions are intimate and potentially uncomfortable to start but are meant to inspire you to gain confidence in your body.  We've teamed up with Amour & Lace to convince you why these photoshoots are under-rated and who in your life deserves a little self-loving session.



Often, we are our own worst critic when it comes to loving ourselves. Gift yourself a tasteful boudoir photoshoot dedicated to making you feel empowered and confident.  You'll look amazing and will be able to preserve how you looked and felt at a certain point in your life. YOLO.



It's commonplace for pregnant women to hire a photographer to help them document their changing bodies as they go through this miraculous event.  And while we applaud this expression of love for both mother and baby-to-be, it's not nearly as celebrated postpartum.  The arrival of a newborn can lead to baby blues, postpartum depression and a distorted view of a new mother's body.  A boudoir photoshoot to both mamas-to-be and new mamas alike would be an amazing reminder of how beautiful they are throughout the entire birth process, before and after. 




Bridal boudoir sessions are still popular and for good reason.  Wedding planning can be stressful and it can be easy to lose sight of what the big day is all about. Gifting a bride-to-be a boudoir session will give her some much needed "me" time and her groom a keepsake for their years ahead.



Know someone painfully shy or insecure? Gifting them a boudoir photoshoot would be a great way to encourage them to come out of their shell. 

5. Your Love

Last but not least, it's the perfect way to let your love know that you think they're beautiful inside and out.  


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